1BA+1DD Hybrid Dual Drive True Wireless Headsets/Headphones/Earbuds Ear CCA CX4 Good Pc Headset With Mic



【Outstanding luxury texture】Gorgeous bronzing process with imported resin cavity collision metal decoration. Resin spray UV varnish makes the earphone’s overall light sense elegant and delicate. Visually brilliant, comfortable to wear.

【Non-inductive delayed Game Experience】The high-performance mode function specially developed for games, and the powerful high-speed transmission efficiency ensures that the headphones receive high-quality sound source signals and reduce the delay efficiency greatly. After entering the game, three-click the touch key to turn it on immediately. It can bring you more shocking game experience.

【High-Fidelity Sound&Technical innovation of hybrid technology】Equipped with a flagship 7mm dual magnetic moving coil unit, the smooth mid-frequency elastic low-frequency detail restoration is very rich. The 30019 high-frequency moving iron unit makes up for the distinctive bright high frequency, and the listening position of the tooth sound. The sound quality is better and bring you more contagious sound.

【Comfortable fit to ears】According to the shape of external ear, the cavity line is designed to fit the ear closely, which can achieve good wearing comfort and sound insulation and noise reduction effect. It can bring you the most comfortable experience even if you wear it for a long time.

【Super humanized and easy operation】CX4 has a master-slave switching function that is different from low-end models. It supports the use of left and right earphones alone, or paired. Pick up it casually and directly pair back to connect quickly and stably. After the first connection is successful, it will automatically reconnect every time. Put the headset into the charging compartment, the headset will automatically turn off and charge.

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