Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Best Gaming Headset For Ps4 And Pc Earplug Headphones



?【Active Noise Control (ANC)】 The latest ANC Active Noise Cancellation / Reduction technology helps you to only hear what you want by processing the incoming background sound waves and creating inverse waves to offset them, thus significantly reducing unwanted environmental noise, offering CD-like quality audio whenever and wherever.

?【Immersive Listening & Calling Experience】 Together with the qualtiy shark fin silicone material tips, these earbuds snug fit in your ears, effectively eliminate steady-state noises like engines, vacuums, mowers, and fans for clear calls or immersive music/movie listening experience.

?【Wireless Charging & Bluetooth Transmission】 Everything in these earbuds is wireless. With the advanced V4.2 bluetooth you do not have to worry about annoying wires while you are jogging or trying to lift 200lb above your head, which is why it’s perfect for sports and outdoor activities. The magnetic wireless suction charging cable also enables super fast charging within 1 hour, helping you recover the battery immediately once it’s running low.

?【HD Mic Integrated for Amazing Phone Call Quality】 The built-in HD mic allows you to take convenient hands-free calls. You will never again have trouble hearing somebody on the other end of the line due to outside noises – the earphones will make the outside world disappear to make your call as clear as possible.

?【Integrated Magnets for Higher Security】 The two magets integrated helps the two earbuds attach to each other whenever you are not wearing them, enabling a more secure yet sporty way to carry them around your neck, never having to worry about them accidentally falling off your neck.

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