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EXCELLENT SOUND QUALITY – The Pursun Wireless Earbuds feature well balanced sound, deep bass, crystal-clear mids, and highs at 100% volume for music streaming and phone calls. The sound and fit are easy on the ears for long durations of wear.

COMFORTABLE FIT AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN – The ergonomic design of the Pursun Wireless Earbuds makes them fit comfortably in the ear and prevents them from dropping out when the head is turned. Users can listen to one or both earbuds at a time. The product features touch controls, noise reduction, and an exceptional built-in microphone. IPX7 waterproof level capabilities allow the earbuds to easily resist sweat and water.

STRONG WIRELESS CONNECTION – Connect automatically to your paired devices within a second of opening the Pursun Wireless Earbuds case, and stay connected to those devices with a super-strong wireless connection. Move around without experiencing sound distortions or disconnections – the Bluetooth reception stays true and clear over a range of 20 meters, making it perfect to use anywhere!

A SLEEK USB-C CHARGING CASE – The unique design of our compact aluminum charging case makes the case easy to fit into any pocket and charge your earbuds while you’re on the go. The Pursun Wireless Earbuds magnetically clip into the case and charge automatically from a built-in battery. The case features a long battery life and gives the earbuds approximately 6 hours of play time per charge. An indicator light inside the case lets you know how full the battery is.

TRY RISK FREE! – All of our Headphones are rigorously tested one by one, which is why we offer our customers a 30 Days No-Hassle Money. Get one today and experience the difference that real quality makes!

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