Bluetooth 5.0 HD Call Headset 220 Play time Xbox 1 Gaming Headset ,Touch-Type 3D Audio Waterproof Headphones



【Comprehensive upgrade to break the tradition】9D noise reduction, LED three-screen digital display, upgraded CD fingerprint touch

【Power Bank】Can charge mobile phones, portable power bank. The large-capacity charging bay can not only charge the earphones, but also battery life for the mobile phone.

【Separate double ear design.】Single and dual ears can be switched freely, breaking through the traditional mainframe connection to the auxiliary machine, dual mainframe and dual channels, left and right ears, free use.

【CVC8.0 noise reduction】Using CVC intelligent noise reduction technology, even if you are in a noisy environment, you can immerse yourself in the music, and the ear is the sound of nature.

【High cost dust plug】 Most charging storage compartments on the market have exposed charging ports, which affects the appearance and is easy to get dust, which greatly reduces the service life. F9-10 uses high-cost soft rubber dustproof plugs, waterproof and dustproof, and the product is more beautiful, which completely solves your worries.

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