Bluetooth Ear Headset Intelligence Noise Reduction Headset For Ps4 And Xbox One



Strong and clear sound:built-in ANC active noise reduction chip, light sensor chip, power sensor chip, 5.0 Bluetooth chip, protection chip, power management chip and power amplifier chip, combined with seven chips to provide clear music for you. The high-quality crystal clear 57mm large aperture driver delivers deep bass sound and enjoys a great music even in noisy environments.

ANC noise reduction:The customized ANC noise reduction chip generates sound waves opposite to the noise through the noise reduction system, thereby eliminating noise and achieving noise reduction. Turn on ANC button and open music press, easily isolate external noise, bring you full sound quality.

APP function:Smart APP double-click response: 1, open the APP, log in to the voice cloud service, freely control the road conditions and weather. 2, can achieve other functions such as play/pause and answer/hang up. APP can also match 3 listening modes: Normal mode, protection mode and children mode, which can match of all ages.Meet the needs of different users.

Unique face recognition disign:Face Recognition Feature,Perceive your dynamics.When you remove the headset, the music is automatically paused; when you wear the headset, the music is played automatically.

Sleep feature:It can detect sleep, the device will pause for 10 minutes, then automatically shut down, will not hurt your ears, smart headphones care for your sleep quality.

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