Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds Sony Gold Wireless Headset Review Support Micro SD Card



【Noise reduction.】The headphones use enhanced passive noise isolation technology to immerse you in the music.

【IPX5 waterproof】No fear of sweat and rain, after the professional IPX5 level waterproof and sweat test, whether it is cloudy or rainy, running, fitness, any sports can accompany you.

【Tilt into ear design】Cut according to the arc-shaped bevel of the auricle to isolate environmental noise and fit comfortably without falling off. 30° fits the ear canal, 45° diagonally into the ear.

【Long Endurance】The headset is equipped with a large-capacity polymer lithium battery and uses low-power micro-power technology. Charge for 1 hour, battery life for 360 hours, let your music hear the sunset from early morning.

【Compatible with Micro SD Card】If there is no Bluetooth device, you can use Micro SD Card to play music. Allows you to reduce the equipment you carry with you and enjoy wonderful music while exercising.

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