Bone Conduction Headphones Bluetooth Headset Mic For Singing 5.0 Sports Open Ear Wireless



【Bluetooth 5.0】 Innovative use of Bluetooth 5.0 chip, music calls tend to 0 delay, low power consumption, more stable calls, clearer sound.

【Dual noise reduction】Adopt double noise reduction, sponge noise reduction technology, automatically recognize human voice and noise, provide clarity, high-definition call is like face-to-face.

【HiFi sound quality】Directional audio full-range sound effect, large dynamic ecological diaphragm speaker, sponge silencer, reduce sound leakage, HiFI sound quality, like a theater-like experience.

【Lightweight body】Amoi bone conduction Bluetooth headset, the overall weight is only 36g, lightweight design, long-term wear without burden, specially designed for sports.

【Waterproof and sweatproof】The fully enclosed sound chamber prevents rain and sweat from penetrating, and it can be refreshed by simply wiping. Ear-hook design, ergonomic fit, no pain after long wearing.

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