Iphone Headset Adapter Lightweight Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone 2 in 1 Portable Charging Storage Box



13MM ultra-small body, like a little fababean, 3.9g to wear such as nothing, and not flashing during wear, others can not detect the basic, more suitable for invisible use.

70 Hours continuous listening songs, comes with 300mAh large capacity, battery life for 3 times, mini and long battery, breaking the mini headset short battery life.

120 ° Into ear, with perspective of ear canal, and the design of small double-cap after the ear, deep into the ear canal, and not pressure ear canal, also isolated from noise.

5.8MM speaker unit Mini speaker than the 6MM unit, bass stronger, more open sound field, such as the Pro concert site.

Can receive from mobile phones, laptops and other Bluetooth devices, audio, and PC Bluetooth DONGLE paired connection, you can play a variety of audio files.

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