Lee Lam Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Headset Brands



Bluetooth 4.2 chip, 10m barrier-free link stable, using Bluetooth 42 chip, in the case of obstacles up to 10 meters of link distance, enjoy the freedom of wireless constraints.

10mm unit speaker, larger unit, stronger bass, subwoofer hidden in the ear.

The convenient charging compartment is recharged anytime and anywhere. A single earphone with a charging box can provide music playback time for up to 8 hours, and talk time is about 8 hours: standby time is up to about 72 hours.

Small enough to be light enough to be invisible, small size, easy to hide, difficult to detect, liberate your entertainment nature anytime, anywhere, do what you want to do, without suppressing your own nature.

Such as the fingertips are small, the ears can be hidden small, the width of the nose is about 15CM, slightly narrower than the width of the adult index finger knuckles, when it is hidden in the ear cavity, plus the occlusion of the tragus, the frontal wear is almost can not see.

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