Magnetic Stereo Hearing Aid Headset LEZI Bluetooth Headset – 4.2 Hanging Neck



Magnetic design: It has a strong adsorption function, and it can also be easily absorbed and stored in front of the neck, making it easy to carry around.

Bluetooth 4.2 HD call: Bluetooth 4.2 HD call, can effectively reduce noise, add TF card playback mode: Added TF card slot, insert TF card can listen to song without mobile phone

IPX5 water delivery design: long-lasting exercise without fear of sweat, to ensure that you are exercising outdoors, sweating when riding will not damage the headphones

The horn silicone design: ergonomic design, comfortable and stable, using ergonomic concept and hollow design with horn silicone

Shocking subwoofer: The subwoofer inside the earphone can make the sound more pure, 10mm moving coil unit speaker, powerful, good sound

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