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[Bluetooth 5.0 and chip] Using Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 chip QCC3020, it is the most advanced Qualcomm headset chip on the market, supports aptX transmission technology, and provides more stable Bluetooth transmission range connection and exchange.

[Clear call and touch control]: Provide clear call quality and make the call smoother. Unlike physical buttons, the earbuds are controlled by a touch sensor, allowing quick access to play/pause, next/previous, and up/down volume functions.

[Charging box and stable connection]-Portable charging box with 650mAh battery, which can charge the headset 4-5 times. It only takes 15 to 20 minutes to fully charge the headset. You can charge the headset anytime, anywhere, and it’s easy to carry. Continuous transmission distance and a more stable state than the previous version. It supports a distance of 45 to 50 feet between Bluetooth devices and earbuds.

[Pop-up window automatic pairing] For true wireless earbuds, just take out two pairs of earphones from the magnetic charging box, and they will automatically connect to each other. You can easily enter Bluetooth settings to pair the headset in one step. Intelligent touch control design, no pressure during touch control, just touch the earbuds to turn on/off the power, play/pause music, start/end/reject/redial the call, activate the voice assistant

[Safe fit and IPX5 waterproof function] Create incredible ergonomic design and comfortable design to fit your ears seamlessly. Comfortable and intimate earplugs fit your ears perfectly, allowing you to listen comfortably throughout the day. The sealed shell and internal nano-coating can easily absorb sweat and rain, making this headset very suitable for outdoor sports and bundled sports.

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