Ps4 Lvl 3 Headset LEZI Bluetooth Headset – 4.1 Hanging Neck Magnetic Stereo Ipx6 Waterproof Noise Reduction



Magnetic design: It can be attached to the neck without the earphones, and it can also prevent the winding from rejecting the pulley. When not wearing, it is also an ornament.

Stable to wear: user-friendly design, more stable to wear and suitable for sports, can get rid of the stethoscope effect caused by the swaying friction of the wire headset

Large diaphragm, heavy bass: 10mm large diaphragm unit, sweet treble, bass cymbal, mid-range pleasing to the heart

IPX6 is not afraid of sweat: After a series of strict design, the waterproof level reaches IPX6, which can effectively prevent sweat from damaging the internal unit of the earphone during exercise.

Long battery life: you can listen to songs for 5 hours in a row, and the call can reach 6 hours.

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