Razer Bluetooth Headset G6S Bluetooth Earbuds Wireless Music Earbuds/Game Earphone



【Wireless charger charging. Compatible with QI wireless standard】This earbuds can work seamlessly with the updated QI technology in 2019, which is compatible with the mainstream standard of Q wireless charging equipment and provides reliable support for fast charging. It achieves all wireless headsets standard with the latest technology. (PS: wireless charger is supportive, but it is not included in the package)

【LED digital power display】User friendly design with newly added power display screen. Cabin and earphone power charging levels can be seen clearly. The 3500 MAH large capacity charging cabin lasts longer than what you expect.

【Serves as portable charger for charging mobile phones】When you are outside, you don’t want to take too many stuffs in your bags or pockets. The large capacity charging cabin not only charges the headphones, but also tops up your mobile phone avoiding the embarrassment of power failure while you are out.

【8D true stereo, cinema-level high-quality sound】CVC8.0 intelligent noise reduction makes perfect sound quality. New imported chips make the sound quality much purer. You can enjoy the cinema-level high-quality sound. You can capture the voice details during the call or the rich emotions in music or movies with this Bluetooth 5.0 earbuds.

【PX7 deep waterproof】With latest PX7 technology, this earbuds are perfect for gym users or sports enthusiasts. Earbuds are waterproof and have passed a nano-scale sweat test for outdoor sports use.

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