Turtle Beach Recon 70 Headset 24Hrs Charging Case 5.0 Headsets Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth



【Super Chip】USES the latest super powerful Bluetooth chip QCC3020. It has hd audio and BT LHDC decoding technology combined with 14.2mm titanium coating (excellent performance in connection stability, signal effective distance, sound delay, etc.). Retain the full bass and reproduce the sound quality and details of the instrument in a clear and gentle way, giving you the feeling of being in a concert.

【Active Noise Control】When dealing with the complex noise environment, Active noise control active noise reduction of two MEMS microphones will pick ears, respectively, and various external environment noise, equipped with independent intelligent hd noise control processor, to pick up the different noise in high speed operation, precise de-noising, effective shielding 95% environmental noise, let talk more clearly.

【Stable Connection】Many modern wireless devices use the 2.4ghz band. The QCC3020 chip can effectively reduce the transmission efficiency loss caused by the interference of 2.4ghz frequency band, thus improving the transmission speed and coverage. The effective working distance can still be up to 10 meters when blocked by the wall.

【Super Battery Life】The earphone is built with high-efficiency polymer lithium battery, which can be charged for 1 hour and used for 4-5 hours. Moreover, the 400mAh charging chamber can provide 5 charging times for the earphone and an additional 20 hours of use time. It perfectly solves the problem of worrying about the low power of the headset when you are out.

【Comfortable And Light】The compact half-in-ear structure is similar to the contour of the human ear canal and can be worn firmly in your ear at all times. The smooth round body makes you feel no weight when wearing. It’s even smaller and lighter than an AirPods. With its stylish appearance and powerful chips, it allows you to enjoy the music while enjoying the comfort.

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