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Marvelous 3D stereo quality: high-end Bluetooth 5.0 chip and professional three-frequency tuning (treble, mid, bass) enable music level rich and full with strong 3D stereoscopic effect and wonderful live experience as if enjoying an onsite concert. Its perfect high-end sound quality can meet any of your critical demands on various types of music including human voice or sound of various instruments, which can even be comparable to the earphones worth $100.

Impeccable battery duration: The wireless earbuds can last 6 hours at maximum volume and 8 hours at 80% normal volume. Due to the design of smart-controlled charging circuit, the charging case can fully charge the battery as quickly as possible and it also provides very efficient charging for the earbuds. It will automatically stop charging once the earbuds have been fully charged so as to protect the battery. The charging case is strong enough to perfectly protect the earbuds.

Noise cancelling and isolation: CVC8.0 noise cancelling technology ensures clear call effect; soft eartips can fit to the ear canals tightly to effectively isolate surrounding noises, so that you can work quietly while enjoying wonderful music without any noise disturbances around.

Ergonomic design: With advanced ergonomic design, the earbuds can ensure very comfortable wearing. Being tightly fit to the auricles and ear canals, they will never fall off even in intense exercising or running. With as high as IPX7 waterproof level, the earbuds will never be damaged by rain or sweat, even if you are running in the heavy shower.

Customer Service: The earbuds, with very high cost performance, should be the best one available at such a price. If you are unsatisfied with the sound quality, battery life, noise reduction effect, comfort level or price, you can choose to return the product unconditionally or send us email, we will respond to all your questions within 24 hours, including product quality, personal use, product return or exchange.

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