Wireless Best Headset For Online Teaching Earbuds Cotini Microphone Hands-Free Stereoscopic Noise Reduction Waterproof



(1) waterproof sweat and dust, IPX-class waterproof, daily life protection four, support rainy days outdoor sports, gym, enthusiasm to sweat, no scruples.

(2) 3500mAh charging module, sensitive metal contact, that is, put ready to use more convenient, high-capacity charging cabin can not only power the headset, but also as an emergency charging treasure.

(3) can’t shake off, wear comfortable, ear-in-ear design, more ergonomic, deep fit to the ear canal, so that the ear more comfortable, to prevent falling.

(4) Listen to you, all-in-one, active noise reduction, equipped with high-purity graphene diaphragm, high-performance ferrite boron horn shock bass, intelligent touch technology, one-click control, no compression, give you an unparalleled handling experience.

(5) So Bluetooth can be connected, strong compatibility, a variety of mainstream this side and a variety of APP signals farther and more stable.

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