Wireless Headset For Business Phone Bluetooth Headset Headset Headset Music Heavy Bass Sportrunning Running Card



(1) HIFI acoustics, immersive listening, high-fidelity dual-horn unit, strong bass, human sound bright more penetrating, enjoy the beauty of the rhythm.

(2) more comfortable, more fit, more soundproof, lightweight body with and automatic fit, skin-friendly protein, soft light do not press the ear, to the headphones to the gentle care.

(3) ergonomic, retractable design, light and comfortable do not clip ear, all-inclusive design, wearing a comfortable adaptive fit head design, wearing a day without pain.

(4) long-term battery, subversive imagination, 500mAh large-capacity lithium battery, low-power circuit design, talking, listening to music to enjoy unlimited, walking music hormones, just plug in TF card, wired wireless free switch, even if the phone temporarily without electricity can ring your favorite music.

(5) intimate side button design, just a fingertip to press, music world wonderful open, multimedia compatible with the market cast mobile phone tablet and other devices, listen to songs and movies, do whatever you want.

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