XYQCPJ Bone Conduction Headphones How To Make Your Own Vr Headset Wireless Bluetooth



BONE CONDUCTION TECHNIQUE—Don’t hurt your ears.Comfortable to wear for a long time, Hearing aid, built-in bone conduction hearing aid engine

ERGONOMIC DESIGN — no wearing, ergonomic design, food grade silicone fit design, long-term wear, no pain, comfortable.no damage to hearing, listening to music and listening to the outside voice, more safe.

BLUETOOTH 5.0—lossless transmission of sound source, intelligent and fast connection, transmission distance up to 15m.

IP56 WATERPROOF — Nano-coating technology of vacuum plating, even if completely invaded in water, it will not damage the internal electronic equipment, and can be used around the clock

360° BENDING AT WILL — can be bent at any time, easily put into the bag, the memory metal skeleton bends at will without deformation.

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